Amelia Mulkey


About Amelia


This is half manifesto, half about page. Just so you know.

I grew up on sets and backstage with two wonderful actor parents. As a child I directed Venice Beach style remakes of all fairytales with the neighborhood kids, ran lines with my folks after homework, and got cut out of my first film at the ripe age of five. I have always been involved in the business of getting people together to experience the same story.

I love performing. It feels like there are strings attached to everyone's heart in the room and they all leading back to mine. I gently or sharply tug as the moment calls.

I feel best and most completely utilized as a director. I love setting the table for the best of the collaborators to come together and make something impactful. I love honing a story until is is crystal clear. Adding element to surprise and delight. Creating moments that give you a name for that weird feeling you did not have a name for.

I have a degree in art history. Not filmmaking. I wanted understand the history of how images have come to impact humans. I wanted to understand the cloth before making a party dress out of it. After school I spend a few years working on different shows for FOX, ABC, TNT as a producers assistant which taught me EVERYTHING about how to make that party dress.

I fell in love and moved to San Francisco where I started to direct my own work, which grew into The Clock Factory. I along the way I have directed several award winning short films, music videos, and plays.

Currently I am living in Venice developing a few film projects. You can see me pushing my feminist agenda in clubs around LA. Thank you for reading.