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Amelia Mulkey is a director/performer/artist splitting her time between San Francisco and Venice, CA.

After cutting her teeth in television a producer's assistant, Amelia became an award-winning film/stage director and co-founder of The Clock Factory, a production company in Berkeley, California.  At The Clock, she directs original content, interactive, music and brand videos. Past clients include Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Motorola.  

A trained actress and ex-birthday party clown, Amelia can be seen performing live as Princess Cherry Chapstick at cabarets worldwide. Amelia also enjoys acting in the occasional play or film and shamelessly casts herself in her own work because she always shows up on time.

Like a good artist, Amelia has kept a moleskin and a micron pen in her purse for last 15 years.  Her illustrations have been used as playbills, logos, purchased for personal collections, and as animations. Recently, she has moved into abstract watercolors and she and is selling these pieces at All the Moons.

In all her many types of work, Amelia seeks to share the weird and the wonderful, people, places, details, joy, grief, girl f*cking power, magic, technology, and invention that every good story should have.